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Morrocan Oil
Moroccanoil, another name for Argan oil, is derived from the argan fruit tree that grows almost exclusively in Morocco. Due to small supply and limited growing area,this oil is one of the rarest in the world. For centuries, Berber women of Morocco have used this oil as the foundation of their beauty regime, protecting their hair and skin from the fierce heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winters.

It has become popular as a hair treatment to repair and heal damaged hair, many believe it also locks in moisture and gives hair incredible shine and luster.



Fekkai Hair Glossing Cream Hydrates,Sleeks and Shines your Hair

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With uber cool names such as BedHead, Catwalk, Rockaholic and S- Factor, Tigi is probably the most fashionable haircare range around.TIGI translates fashion trends into an image statement and provides the products to do it !

Whether your personal vision is to be a Rockstar, a red carpet glamour queen, or sleek and sophisticated,TIGI has the right products for whatever personality and lifestyle mood you are in.

B for Men Range : N1,700
Party Girl : N1,700

TIGI — for all your fabulous hair moods and personalities

nuNAAT® Collection
nuNAAT® hair products combine some of the richest natural ingredients from the Amazon Forest into a unique formula that moisturises, revitalizes and strengthens your hair to leave it soft, silky and shiny. Brazillian women are known for their beautiful, bouncy, luscious hair - their hair is one of the most coveted for hair extensions, but how do they get such envy - inducing hair?

For many centuries, they have been harnessing the power of plants and nuts such as açaí, cupuaçu, Karite, Pitanga, and Brazil nuts oils to help them look and feel
lovely. They have used these ingredients to nourish their skin and their
hair, never needing to look beyond the Amazon to find what makes them

Nobody knows more about using secrets of the Amazon like the fabulous Brazilian women.

nuNAAT Treatment Moisturising Shampoo N2,000
nuNAAT Treatment Moisturising Conditioner N2,000
nuNAAT Treatment Intensive Hair Mask N3,000
nuNAAT Treatment Leave - in Condition N2,000

For Wavy, Curly, Relaxed and over processed hair
nuNAAT Karite Creamy Shampoo N2,000
nuNAAT Karite Creamy Conditioner N2,000
nuNAAT Karite Anti - Frizz Therma Active N2,000
nuNAATKarite Combing Cream N2,000

For Dry and Damaged Hair
nuNAAT Pitanga Cream Mask N3,000

For Thinning Hair nuNAAT Hair Serum N2,500

Denman Brushes
Do you need a brush that detangles your hair without causing breakage?

Denman brushes do all that and more. Made of natural boar and nylon
bristles, they are great for blow drying natural hair, defining big bouncy waves and eliminating the dreaded frizz we all get.

The first choice of many celebrity hairstylists including Vidal Sassoon, they truly are the hairdressers’ style ecret.

Denman Red Brushes: N3,200
Paddle Brushes: N4, 000
Barrel Brushes: N4,000
Ceramic Brushes: N 4,200

Denman Brushes - Helps keep your hair looking as beautiful and as fabulous
as you feel.

Jane Carter
Jane Carter amazing range of products gives your hair the shine, bounce and
texture you’ve been craving. With fans of the products including Alicia Keys,
Mary J Blige and Rihanna, they work for all types of hair - curly, straight, multi
textured and mixed race hair.

Made of natural butters, and certified organic essential oils with vitamins that
make your hair vibrant and alive again. Her products are featured regularly in
beauty magazines, including Essence, Ebony and Vanity Fair.

Shampoo: N3,000
Conditioner: N3,000
Leave - In Conditioner: N3,000
Nourish and Shine: N4,000
Wrap and Roll N3, 500
Scalp Renew N3, 300

Jane Carter Solutions: For Nourishing your hair and giving it beautiful shine.


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